In a rapidly changing world with hard fought customer loyalty, we at Futurekind know that developing meaningful connections between customer and business requires and in-depth understanding of their problems, need-states and values.     


Committed to building sustainable businesses, we take an integrated approach to communication and marketing strategy, execution and ongoing campaign management.

We unlock customer and brand insights for powerful creative, communications and marketing.


Brand Strategy

Does your business know its true purpose, and are you communicating it well?

Brands with clarity of purpose cultivate loyalty with their staff, their customers and their community; reducing risk and strengthening the bottom line. 

Through a guided brand purpose workshop, we help ensure your business is on point, establish industry-leadership, and generating meaningful connections with new and existing customers, partners, and friends. 


Campaign Strategy

Futurekind takes an integrated approach to brand positioning, commercial outcomes, communications planning and content marketing for purpose-driven businesses.

Futurekind designs campaigns that connect authentically with audiences and meet core brand and commercial objectives. We help you identify critical problems and insights, and in doing so unlock the door to more powerful creative ideas and campaigns that command attention.


Execution Strategy 

Are you getting the most out of your digital assets? We work with you to define the digital growth opportunities in your business.

We do this by completing a top line digital audit of all platforms and conducting human research. This process allows us to match your needs, with what is working and what your customers want. 

The end result being a go to market strategy that can be rolled out by anyone


What sort of business are you?



"Enabling future shapers to create global impact"

Harness the drivers of success and dream your legacy into reality.

You’ve designed an amazing product or service. 

Perhaps you get great customer feedback, but face challenges acquiring customers quickly and cost effectively.
Perhaps you’re seeking quantum growth to consolidate your proof of concept, drive valuation and support your next capital raise.

Perhaps your existing communication activity is not yet bringing your amazing product to life.

Here at Futurekind, we understand the challenges of ambitious, high growth businesses, applying razor-sharp strategic thinking, robust process planning and cut-through copywriting to deliver:

  • High level B2B and B2C brand positioning in your sector;
  • A powerful value proposition to all your market segments that connect with their values and pain points;
  • Effective sales funnels across all communication channels;
  • Amplified brand and product awareness and sales through direct content marketing and other strategies;
  • Campaign design and management;
  • Agile, social and digital media planning and buying; 
    Enhanced proof of concept, and content contributions to business plans, pitch decks and offer documents.

Futurekind takes a flexible, integrated approach to Communications and Marketing Strategy.
Together, we help position your business, reduce your enterprise risk, drive growth through revenue, and strengthen valuation.


At Futurekind, we believe that Purpose-Driven brands are the future-shapers of business in the 21st century. We love working with businesses committed to making a positive social and environmental impacts. We do this by providing first class commercial, communication and marketing strategies to sustain and grow your business or project, whilst maximising your impact in the world.

If you are seeking an ethical Strategic Marketing Partner who walks their talk and loves helping businesses get on Purpose, we'd love to meet you!

Purpose is in the DNA of Futurekind. 

Part of OUR PURPOSE is to provide purpose driven businesses and projects the level of creative, communications and marketing strategy that big commercial brands use, at a fraction of the cost.  

We are a B-Corp ourselves, with an intrinsic understanding of the challenges of Purpose driven brands. We offer:

a) Expert thinking and robust methodology to drive high impact & growth
b) Smart, cut-through pathways to stake-holder engagement
c) Disruptive approaches to content creation
d) Innovative communication and campaign strategy
e) Expert audience analysis, media planning, buying and optimisation.
f) Brand positioning
g) Campaign and project management

Your trusted high impact, high growth partner



"Enabling growth through authentic customer connections"

We help you re-invent your brand position with a stronger values orientation and alignment. We devise strategies for authentic customer connection and engagement with Millennials. Futurekind is your digital native engagement partner.

You are profit driven but see the value in a stronger purpose orientation.

“We see your business navigating a sea of disruption to be around in 100 years time, because you are a valued member of the Corporate community making a meaningful contribution to society and / or the natural environment.”


Your are a profit driven but see the value in a stronger purpose orientation.

You need support positioning products & services with greater values orientation.

You are seeking to make a values connection with new and existing customers.

You'd like help in an uncertain, rapidly changing marketplace.

You recognise the very real risks of losing market share to emerging companies and need an authentic, values-based brand position.

We are your digital native engagement partner


 For selected high-growth businesses, Futurekind provides outcome focused, performance based media planning & buying pricing models. This may be included as part the design, deployment and management of high impact, audience engagement strategies for maximum campaign traction.
Our unique performance media solution delivers proof of concept, market traction and drives valuation.

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