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1st Edition 2018

Dear Friends,

It's been a great first half of the year... We'd better take a moment to look back at some of what's been going on!


HEMP Foods Australia launch

To celebrate the legalisation of hemp as a food in Australia, Futurekind managed the complete launch of Hemp Foods Australia. Some of what has been keeping us busy: Campaign creative & strategy, Brand repositioning, PR strategy & management, Launch event production & hosting, Package redesign, Website redesign & development, Copywriting, Content planning & production, Food photo shoot & recipe design, 'Sister brand' development (branding, design, package design, web design, copywriting, launch strategy)... just to name a few...

Hemp foods are amongst the most versatile, not to mention delicious and extremely good for you

Hemp foods are amongst the most versatile, not to mention delicious and extremely good for you

Charitizer pre-launch

We are working alongside impassioned social entrepreneur Brady Gunn to prepare for the launch of Charitizer. Brady has worked long and hard on the development of a new platform to unlock the potential of the retail market for fundraising. Charitizer is a blend of eBay and Vinnies - an online second hand store for every good cause; a better way to Shop, Sell & Donate.

The stage is almost set for the launch of Charitizer, and we're excited for what's to come for this exciting new way to effortlessly contribute towards the causes we care about the most. 


Brown Paper Eats prelaunch

A long-inspired passion project of Nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill to complement her Brown Paper Bag Nutrition - Brown Paper Eats will soon launch its hand made-to-order, home delivered healthy dinners concept in Sydney. The menus is delicious as we can attest from the photo shoot we completed last week, and the website is now well on the way to being complete. Watch this space...

Brown Paper Eats Logo & Packaging.png


Embodhi Foundation prelaunch

We are very proud to be working with some of the most giving members of the Sri Lankan community on a truly heartfelt social enterprise. The Embodi Foundation will raise money for abused and destitute women in Sri Lanka, empowering and providing employment as well as sensitively engaging the community around equality. 

roxanne-desgagnes-435612 copy.jpg


Sydney Marine Park website

Working alongside Catfish Creative and the Australian Marine Conservation Society, we took some time to work on the development of a new website in support of the Sydney Marine Park. Less than 1% of our waters are protected. Help protect our blue backyard and support a Sydney Marine Park by visiting the site

SMP site header.jpg

Powershop campaign strategy

As the greenest power company in Australia and New Zealand, Powershop has begun a sincere effort alongside Futurekind to develop its voice in the national debate on decisions that will shape our country. 

Stop Adani Sign


SUMO Summer campaign

Our Spring campaign lives on through Summer '17 with Commando Steve, Dr Zac and Erin Holland featuring in in SUMO's drive to create a happier, healthier Australia...


International BCorp month

February was international B Corp Month. The B Corp community is a big part of driving positive change in the world, through the power of people using business as a force for good. Support B Corps, support better businesses. Let's continue to celebrate B Corps and the amazing work they do everyday! #BCorpMonth #BCorps #bethechange

Leading a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

Leading a global movement of people using business as a force for good.


Remember! Don't do good in the dark...

Interested in working with Futurekind? The way is lit by people with heart and the businesses they lead. We’re looking forward to working with brands, projects, communities and the people who inspire them! 




Here's a few photos to share what we've been up to behind the scenes at the Hemp Foods Australia launch