Futurekind Beginnings

Hello, and welcome to the start of our story!

Futurekind is an enterprise dedicated to people and ideas for a better world.

We are a Social Enterprise itself with the singular purpose of spreading good in the world by helping responsible and ethical business to grow. 

While our goal is to enable success, we hesitate at saying win, because that’s not what we’re about…

Our mission is to be the fair advantage for Social Enterprise, approaching every challenge with best practice and a wealth of experience in strategy, innovation and marketing.

Starting a new company isn’t something we do lightly. 

Companies are designed to make profit. Profit drives growth, and a growing drive for profit. It’s beautiful in it’s simplicity, but as we know that doesn’t necessarily translate into corporate behaviours that might be deemed ethical or conscious.

Companies live and die by the sword of profitability, and it’s a practical reality that we understand. However, while forming a company that sets out to do good, we are conscious of the inherent compromise between creating growth and success from a commercial stand-point, and remaining true to the vision of sustainable enterprise.

So how are we any different?

We understand the power of ideas, and are experts at connecting with the people who care about them through digital platforms. By helping to foster the good ideas that do good for people AND planet., we believe we can make a truly positive difference.

Why did we create Futurekind?

Because we believe that people can create a future that respects life, nature and harmony.

And by bringing the best in innovation, strategy and execution to the businesses that deserve it the most, we can help people find great purpose and pride in what they are able to achieve.

We understand the power of leading from the heart. And so our commitment to helping our clients to define a deeper purpose, figure out how they can achieve it, and guiding through the process of getting there.

If that sounds like the kind of direction that interests you and your business, get in touch to tell us about your passion and purpose!

And without further ado, it’s time to mark this occasion and the birth of Futurekind with a toast! Happy Birthday to us!